Make Sure Your Home is Airtight Before You Move in

Schedule blower door testing services in Lake Butler, Gainesville, and Hampton, FL

Before you move into a new house, be sure to arrange for blower door testing services with Energy Enforcement. You'll be able to see how airtight the property is and locate potential air leaks. If you're building a home or commercial structure, you should also schedule blower door testing services to be sure it's properly insulated and well-sealed.

If you think your Lake Butler, Gainesville, or Hampton, FL home has energy-sapping air leaks, contact us to arrange for residential air leak testing services.

Energy Enforcement will help you find where that draft is coming from

Did your electric bill suddenly spike? This could be caused by an air leak in your home. If you want to find the source of the energy drain, schedule residential air leak testing services with us. If our air leak test finds something, we can use an infrared camera to pinpoint the leak's exact location.

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