Find Out Where New Insulation Is Needed

Arrange for home energy efficiency testing services in Lake Butler & Gainesville, FL

Does it seem like your Lake Butler or Gainesville, FL area home just can't stay cool enough on hot summer days? You might need more insulation, but finding out where can be tricky. Arrange for home energy efficiency testing services with Energy Enforcement. We'll send a contractor out to your home with specialized equipment to find areas where insulation is lacking.

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Signs your home is lacking sufficient insulation

Because the insulation is behind your walls and above the ceiling, it can be hard to tell what's up without a professional thermal energy assessment. You might be in need of more insulation if:

  • Your home's temperature fluctuates wildly
  • Your energy bills are through the roof
  • Your walls and ceilings are cold to the touch
  • You feel drafts in your house

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